Secretary-General held two sessions Christianity - General Training

Two of the country on Christian April 20 to 24 held in Shanghai, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) two Christian General, Director-General of training courses, from 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities a total of 42 pastors participated in this the training. Except four teachers employed, the peak of the China Christian Council President Rev. taught himself to training.

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Taught in the high priest in the Christian emphasis to strengthen the two organizations, to improve the quality of their own clergy. He mentioned the two Christian co-workers to focus on learning, the establishment of a learning organization; to improve the quality of clergy beliefs, political and cultural qualities, moral and other words and deeds; to the actual work and services to increase the levels of two Christian cohesion and influence. This all is a good reminder, prompting us to better entrusted loyal to God, to run the Chinese Church.
The course has also hired a business teacher training institutions to teach Pan, which is China's first two Christian, is a pioneering and tentative approach. Pan teachers from seven areas to elaborate the concept of servant leadership. In the course of his detail to show the life of a viable leadership characteristics: a good leader is to produce life, life, life to affect the life, lives a life care to life-service life; not with authority but with the prestige of the management team leadership; is one to know himself and recognize the leadership of co-workers; is able to enjoy themselves, accept themselves, to enjoy the same work is a respect for fellow workers, fully accepted the leadership of co-workers; is a love that can wake up with industrial vitality, and gave the whole team to bring dynamic leadership. In the course, he also issued a number of challenges to work with, for example, he stressed that the true preacher of the Church can not fail to financial responsibility, a good pastor must learn to manage money for the house of God, on the property to be pregnant with awe, to do not ignore any property. He also mentioned that the real frugal is not to make your money disappear. Finally, he also inspired preachers and missionaries have a vision, to have vision, and lead the believers to assume social responsibility, and even have the responsibility to the Christian philosophy of the enterprise, encourage enterprises to better, more social responsibility.
Christian also invited two of the country the National Bureau of Religious Affairs Secretary Chen Zongrong Politics, Foreign Affairs Deputy Director Liu Jinguang, two Division Director Xiuling to Christian teaching. They were from different levels, different perspectives have made a wonderful speech and sharing, and further opened up our horizons, to enhance the rule of law. For instance, leaders stressed the need to adhere to the principle of independence and self, to go out or come in your way of enhancing friendly exchanges. There are leaders urged people to understand the situation, adhere to the three-self principles, maintenance and compliance with laws and regulations, to play throughout the two sessions of the Christian influence and so on. These programs increase the knowledge co-workers, opened up our vision.
In addition to the training courses arranged so that everyone is benefiting, but arranged for each day of the first group reading spiritual. Select several course-related texts, we combine courses and work experience to reflect on their own how best to become a servant leader, a leader fit mind and become a very popular God's leadership. Through spiritual reading to return to God so that we return to the Bible to start a new day.
The entire training course is very compact, which is very full, very active classroom atmosphere, very lively group discussion. We reflect this is a rare opportunity to learn, is a timely, practical, important and necessary training, but also a very open nature of the times, relevance and exploratory training, to make their own once again be updated. The training effectively expand our thinking, we updated the concept to all of us the ability to work with a future upgrade; once again to remind you to enhance the cohesion and the two parts of the Christian influence, a really good job working around the church , a solid ground for the grass-roots church services.