2.5 million and five cents thoughts

Peking mostly Manchu Empire banner royal, payable monthly flag food, wandering all day sitting to eat, often dog raising birds for fun, one hand holding the cage in one hand and fondle one pair of ball, went out Rural City, triumphantly.
There is a growing decline palace, the black ball from the bottom to find a pair of children to play, that ball but Zuchuan Qi Zhen, because the outside painted black, it seems like an ordinary handball, then for the children to play, the children sold people who buy second-hand, had Pentagon small ocean.
People who buy second-hand a scratch knife, remove the black, pearl originally a pair of antique shops to get to, to sell a million dollars.
Antique dealer to install a Box, sold six hotels in the West Country businessman, won a million dollars.
He sold American millionaire, was $ 2.5 million price.
This is five cents with 2.5 million of the difference!
Unfortunately, no?
So also the soul, the soul is precious, such as black patent leather wrapped in the skins we next!! Precious souls we do not know, just cheap, as the children. We often learned to sell the soul, in order to sell the soul of Cheoy Lee, were for the ladies of the house, mahjong, wine, opium selling the soul, but unfortunately not!