To the Sunday School - the script

Background music: "One love my Heavenly Father."
Synopsis: Sunday school, the teachers lead children on behalf of homing soul thing
One. (Screenplay scene: Wang Lin family house downstairs, people coming and going in the fast-paced city life after a week of life, finally break the tone and many children in the early morning this weekend, he is happy clamor of the chase , Yang Xiaojing Wang Lian came downstairs)
Yang: (payable on the look, hand rope mouth, shouting) Lian Lian, Lian Lian, Wang Lianlian, fast down. . .
Than 5 seconds, the background sound: so will I down it! (Wang Lianlian ran, gasping)
Wang: Jingjing, how do you come free?
Young: Last week I call you to Sunday school, you did not empty, and today is Sunday, you should free it?
King: Oh! Go to Sunday school ah.
Young: Yes, ah! Wu where my mother, and several children do. Today, they do not have, but you will also like there.
Wang: I want to go, but today my dad was not home, my mother let me help her busy.
Young: She let you do what ah?
King: two neighbors will stay home to play aunt to me, less my dad, they are San Queyi. . .
Young: ah! Your mother teach you how gambling ah?
King: Which is ah! Do not play money.
Yang: It does not work, more than a waste of time, good Lian Lian, we went to Sunday School on the right, 100 times interesting than playing mahjong.
King: ah. . . (Thinking) Well, anyway, I hate to play mahjong. (Head up) Mother, Mother. . .
Background: how?
Wang: I go to Sunday School Jingjing, go ah! (Wang pulled it ran)
Background: not allowed to go back to help me do things! Lian Lian. . . This girl.
Yang Wang ran end, for King. Tables and chairs, flower pots gracefully.
Summer: (anxious, play, pacing for anxiety-like, after facing the audience) This is how to live? You asked me impatient? Oh, do not be her teacher. Sunday School is a leader who. Body is like that, and also refused to hospital, have to adhere to the Sunday school children to complete a course. This how to live?
Audience sound: Small summer, Wu arrived? I understand that Lee should have no word to her book ah!
Summer: (to background) she immediately rushed to you and so will be ah. (To audience) is wordless book, I do not understand a book without words what the child can use? Wu is also, along with Li wordless book program implementation, do not spare themselves, really makes me worried.
(Wang Yang)
Young: Early summer teacher
Summer: a small grain early, This is?
Yang: (to King) summer teacher, this is my good friend Wang Lianlian, I took her to attend Sunday school. Xiao Lian, this is our summer Sunday school teacher
King: (a little afraid of life, one's lips Well a) old. . . A good teacher!
Summer: Hello, here you will love. Small grain, you first take her to the classroom now!
Young: Well, that teacher we go first. (Wang Yang to have tables and chairs in a corner, the bag aside, chat-like, sometimes action)
Summer: more good kids, but also with the students to participate in Sunday School. I am checking out the teacher to the Wu did not. (Next summer)