Listen to reason than reading

Christmas Wan folk celebration, Qing He Chuanjia universal voice, we are the same, happy!
Four of us are happy to perform on stage outstanding heart, do not say anything else before speaking, the Bible!
Bible, the world's great classics, the value of better than ten million gold, grace and more people benefit, Barbara!
Barbara Bible is credible. Record implied for God, God's gift of the only son to save!
God is loved the world, thanks to the next son to us, we only need blessing, I believe!
I believe we should read the Bible, so you have to supply every day to develop your spiritual life, grow!
Lack of progress, but also check the Bible, meet do not know to ask, more earnest prayer to God, with an open mind!
With an open mind to find the most important thing, the main joy of the most humble people, proud at the devil when, look!
Care is to be careful, exegesis must also Famennian, not only strong but also, learning!