Qingdao Christian Church

Nearly a century later, still grace Qingdao Zoran Christian Church, and how many mysterious, how many solemn.

Identification of the jury, as the original program: the design is to achieve a painting-like effect. This is located in Jiangsu Road 15, and the beautiful park adjacent to Signal Hill Christian Church. Standing in a green-covered hill above the rock, with strong thick walls, window frames semicircle of granite, steep red roofs and green spire of the tower is Germany's castle-style building. Christian Church designed by German architect Luoke Ge, started in 1908, built in 1910. Since then also, at the junction of several streets, the tall clock tower turret of the German architectural masterpiece, the Qingdao urban style characteristics of small towns in Europe play in shaping the role of commander in chief. The building by the clock tower and a hall of two parts. The thick walls of granite church-based, with the inherent rough dignified temperament, so that the fore the appearance of the outline of the church clear and concise, vividly the unique beauty of religious buildings. Teng and 3.916 meters of tower top, sea and sky Xiuse glance. On the giant clock tower, still abide by their own. Bright and spacious interior can accommodate thousands of church congregation, 18-meter-high hall on both sides of two storeys, decorated elegant, decorative interior detail is flowing during the Byzantine style. May 1, 1999, the Christian church as a tourist attraction for overseas tourists.