Shanghai Immanuel Lutheran Church

Originally created in 1887, when Hall called the District Commissioner, due to the creation, supervision of the United States will be a huge believer named Namur contribution of the United States, so Namur in 1890 changed its name to Church, to express his commemoration. In 1929, the westward migration of the church, built the present church.
Church by a European designer, under the new Gothic style, built in 1931. Church of brick, with large hall, the central body of the church, can accommodate a total of 1,000 people, 560 of which the main hall, balcony 380 choir at 60; lobby rectangular pillars and balcony railings and preaching stations are cut off with stone veneer, interior exposed tip of the cement mantle dome. In 1936, an American church to visit, he had donated the church bell tower installed on top of a 5-meter-high neon cross, so that the church became famous in Shanghai and the Far East the church.
In 1958, the Shanghai Christian factions held a joint worship here, and it's official name as Immanuel Lutheran Church.
Tibet is located in central Shanghai Road, originally belonging to the Christian Church Commissioner.