Shanghai old Immanuel Christian Church will resume rotating cross

February 20 morning, Immanuel Lutheran Church Senior Pastor Kang Xi Li said the old Immanuel Lutheran Church has already begun to repair the old as the standard comprehensive renovation, the first configuration of modern fire equipment and safety monitoring facilities, in the pastor's sermon of the Holy computer with multimedia system, and installation of lighting in the building on the pan-ray facilities. Neon clock tower at the top of the cross will also revive the recovery and restoration rotation. The whole process will be available this September 2, Immanuel Lutheran Church Church 30th anniversary of the complex completed before the opening.
Over the years, was founded in 1929, Immanuel Lutheran Church facade and internal facilities have varying degrees of damage, the repair will be thoroughly checked red brick wall, repair of badly damaged bricks replaced. For the pastor's sermon, the choir will be singing the holy table extension, and install multimedia and simultaneous translation system to meet the needs of believers at home and abroad. Produced by the British fire-fighting equipment has been used for many years, the function has long been degraded, for the first time have all been replaced with modern fire fighting equipment. Entire areas of the configuration of security monitoring facilities, will ensure the safety of Immanuel Lutheran Church. Taking into account the overall style of the People's Square and the Expo needs, Immanuel Lutheran Church will be the first installation of lighting floodlight facilities, in order to add a bright building People's Square.
According to reports, Immanuel Lutheran Church of the clock tower at the top who had worked on up to 5 meters installed a neon cross, and installed the motor in the base, so that the cross shining in the night, slowly rotating, Immanuel Lutheran Church and thus also known in Shanghai. In this restoration project, this will revive the rotating neon cross will be restored.