Creation Evidence - The Great Debate of Origins创造论的证据-有关起源的大辩论

Creation Evidence is sought by Creationists to discredit Evolution, not to validate Special Creation…


It is agreed on all sides that there are only two possible solutions to the riddle of origins. Either Someone made the world, or the world made itself. A third option, the world is eternal and without origin, contradicts Natural Laws such as Thermodynamics and has been disproved with mathematical certainty in the 20th century. As the universe is obviously complex and seemingly well-designed, a Designer should be the scientific default. In everything we observe today, concept and design are the result of a Mind. Furthermore, Natural Laws such as Gravity, Inverse Squares, Cause and Effect, and Thermodynamics imply a Law-giver.


Unless a natural mechanism constrained by Natural Law, by which the entire universe could come into existence and further develop through random process, is found, a Creator must be the theoretical default. It doesn't matter whether an individual scientist has difficulty accepting it or not. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so eloquently stated in his Sherlock Holmes series, "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."


Creation Evidence - A Few Brief Examples:


Lack of Transitional Fossils. Charles Darwin wrote, "Lastly, looking not to any one time, but to all time, if my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking closely together all the species of the same group, must assuredly have existed. But, as by this theory, innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?" (Origin of Species, 1859). Since Darwin put forth his theory, scientists have sought fossil evidence indicating past organic transitions. Nearly 150 years later, there has been no evidence of transition found thus far in the fossil record.

缺乏过渡化石。查尔斯.达尔文写道:“最后,如果我的理论是真实的,那么不是在一段期间,而是在所有期间去寻找,则无数的中间品种必须肯定已经存在,它们将同一组的所有物种密切地联系在一起。但是,正如本理论上所述,无数的过渡形式应该是存在的,我们为什么在地壳中找不到它们?“ (物种起源, 1859年)。自从达尔文提出他的理论,科学家们就试图寻找化石证据来表明以前的过渡有机体。然而近150年后的今天,在迄今的化石记录中,没有任何过渡的证据。

Lack of a Natural Mechanism. Charles Darwin, in his Origin of Species, proposed Natural Selection to be the mechanism by which an original simple-celled organism could have evolved gradually into all species observed today, both plant and animal. Darwin defines evolution as "descent with modification." However, Natural Selection is known to be a conservative process, not a means of developing complexity from simplicity. Later, with our increased understanding of genetics, it was thought perhaps Natural Selection in conjunction with genetic mutation allowed for the development of all species from a common ancestor. However, this is theoretical and controversial, since "beneficial" mutations have yet to be observed. In fact, scientists have only observed harmful, "downward" mutations thus far.

•缺乏自然机制。查尔斯.达尔文在他的“物种起源”中提议:自然选择是一种机制,可使原始的单细胞有机体可能逐渐演化成今天观察到的所有物种,包括植物和动物。达尔文定义进化论为“血统的修改。” 然而,自然选择被认为是一个“保存”的过程,而不是一种从简单发展到复杂的手段。后来,随着我们进一步对遗传学的了解,有人认为可能是由于自然选择与基因突变允许从共同祖先发展出所有物种。但是,这只是有争议的理论,因为“有益的”基因突变还有待观察。事实上,迄今科学家们只发现有害的,“向下”的基因突变。

Time Constraints. Both Creationists and Evolutionists agree that if evolution is at all possible, there needs to be an excessive (if not infinite) amount of time. For much of the 20th century, it was thought evolutionists had all the time they needed. If the earth ever looked too young for certain evolutionary developments to have occurred, the age was pushed back in the textbooks. In 1905, the earth was declared to be two billion years old. By 1970, the earth was determined to be 3.5 billion years old, and by the 1990's, the earth had become 4.6 billion years old.


However, Young Earth advocates have identified quite a few Young Earth chronometers in recent years. Currently, there are approximately five times more natural chronometers indicating a "Young Earth" than an "Old Earth." Each discovery is a separate "Limiting Factor" that places a constraint on the possible age of the earth. For example, moon drift, earth rotation speed, magnetic field decay, erosion rates, chemical influx into the oceans, ocean salinity, etc, all constrain the possible age of the earth. Each Limiting Factor is distinct. If one were successfully challenged, there is still the problem of all the rest. Furthermore, there are Limiting Factors constraining the possible age of the universe, such as spiral galaxies where they're maintaining their spiral shapes despite their centers spinning faster than their extremities.


Unacceptable Model of Origins. The Big Bang Theory is the accepted source of Origins among the majority of Evolutionists, and is taught in our public schools. However, the Big Bang does not explain many things, including the uneven distribution of matter that results in "voids" and "clumps," or the retrograde motion that must violate the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. Furthermore, the Big Bang does not address the primary question at hand, "where did everything come from?" Did nothing explode? How did this explosion cause order, while every explosion observed in recorded history causes disorder and disarray?

•无法接受的起源模式。大多数的进化论者将“大爆炸理论“接受为宇宙起源理论,我们的公立学校也讲授这一理论。然而,大爆炸并不能解释许多事实,包括物质分配不均,结果造成一些“虚空”和“实体”;而且”逆行运动“必然违反角动量守恒定律。此外,“大爆炸理论“并没有涉及首要的问题” “这一切都是从哪里来的呢? 什么也没有怎么能爆炸?这种爆炸如何形成了“秩序”,而在有记载的历史中观察到的每一个爆炸都产生了混乱和无序?



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